Why Is Sonos so Expensive?


When you think about Sonos, you might wonder why its products, come with such a high price tag. The reason is simple: Sonos offers an experience that no other audio company provides, a seamless ecosystem of integrated audio products that can be easily played together from any part of your house. No other audio company … Read more

Are Blu-Ray Players Obsolete? Will They Be Phased Out?


With the rise of streaming services and the constant advancement in technology, Blu-ray players are indeed facing a potential decrease in relevance. However, they still offer exceptional audiovisual quality that most streaming services can’t match, providing an incentive for enthusiasts to keep them as a staple in their Home Theater setups. The reality is that … Read more

How Do you Clean a Sound Bar?


Maintaining the appearance of a soundbar is important for anyone who owns one. Dust and debris can accumulate on the surface and in the crevices of your soundbar, potentially affecting the sound quality and causing an eye sore. Knowing the correct techniques to clean your soundbar without damaging it will ensure the longevity and high-quality … Read more