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Hi there! Welcome to Home Theater Oasis, your go-to for everything Home Theater. We do our best to answer questions for Home Theater enthusiasts but with a unique angle.

We answer questions that relate to our own Home Theater setups so that we can answer your questions with more authority on the subject.

At Home Theater Oasis we heavily emphasize Home Theater for people who live in smaller living spaces like apartments and condos because that’s where are Home Theater setups are.

So whether it’s the latest information on TV’s, Soundbars or Blu-Ray releases, we’ve got you covered!

It is our goal to make you the most informed and be equipped with the necessary knowledge to make decisions for your Home Theater!

Our Mission: Why Does this website exist?

A big reason why I created this website is because I have become tired of so much of the Home Theater space being dominated by those who live in single-family homes.

I have also grown tired of the gatekeeping that occurs in the community in regard to budget sound systems like soundbars. H

ome Theater Oasis proudly covers the topic of Home Theater for people that are in smaller living situations and want to experience all movies can be while watching them at home.

It is my goal to inform readers on how to best achieve this with my site.

Meet the Contributors to This Site

Chad Wilson

I’m Chad Wilson. I made this site to have a place to share my love of movies and Home Theater with like-minded enthusiasts.

The film Dune (2021) made me realize it was time to take cinematic sound seriously and upgrade over my TV speakers.

Mad Max Fury Road is my demo disc for audio in my Home Theater setup.

When I want to show someone the amazing display of my OLED TV I pop in Dunkirk into my 4K Blu Ray Player.

Chad’s Experience and Accomplishments

  • I Have experienced movies in almost every format devised (Dolby Cinema, IMAX, Cinemark XD, Standard, Streaming, Blu Ray, 4K Blu Ray, DVD)
  • I know the Dune sound mix and score like the back of my hand.
  • I have never been successfully duped by a snake oil Home Theater salesman.

Contact Information and Location

Email: [email protected]

Address: 35 W Main Street, Suite B #385, Ventura, CA, 93001

Phone Number: 805-856-3054

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