Why Do People Hate on Soundbars? Analyzing Sound Snobbery


Soundbars have grown in popularity immensely over the years. This is due to their ability to fit in different living spaces while still maintaining the ability to produce sound that most consumers are happy with. With this being said many home theater traditionalists look down on soundbars as mass-produced slop that have terrible sound quality. … Read more

Can You put a Soundbar in a Cabinet?


When considering where you will place your soundbar you might ponder the possibility of placing it in a cabinet. Can you do this? Is it recommended? Putting a soundbar in a cabinet is not a best practice but it can be done. They offer a tidier look, but certain types run the risk of muffling … Read more

Why Is Sonos so Expensive?


When you think about Sonos, you might wonder why its products, come with such a high price tag. The reason is simple: Sonos offers an experience that no other audio company provides, a seamless ecosystem of integrated audio products that can be easily played together from any part of your house. No other audio company … Read more