Can a Soundbar Sit on a TV Stand? Will it Fit?

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If you’re looking to upgrade your TV’s sound system, a soundbar is a popular choice for many people.

It’s an affordable and easy-to-install option that can significantly enhance your viewing experience.

However, you might be wondering where to place the soundbar.

Can a soundbar sit on a TV stand?

A soundbar can sit on a TV stand. In fact, many soundbars are designed to be placed on a flat surface, such as a TV stand, below or in front of the TV.

Having a soundbar sit on a TV stand is more aesthetically pleasing and practical for most living situations.

Some soundbars look better on TV stands than others, I will go over some of the best soundbars to put on a TV stand later in this article if you want to skip ahead.

In this blog post, I will further explain the best practices and considerations you should take when placing a soundbar on a TV stand.

Can a Soundbar Sit on a TV Stand?


Placing a soundbar on a TV stand is a common and practical choice for many people.

It allows for easy installation and doesn’t require any additional mounting equipment.

You do not have to worry about drilling holes in your wall while mounting your soundbar which is a bonus.

In fact you probably would not be allowed to drill if you plan on having a soundbar in an apartment.

This setup can also blend seamlessly with your TV and other entertainment components.

However, there are certain things you need to take into consideration when placing a soundbar on a TV stand.

First, you need to make sure that the soundbar is compatible with your TV stand.

Some TV stands will not have the proper dimensions to accommodate a longer soundbar and will not fit

For example, if you have a small TV stand and want to get a Sonos Arc (affiliate link) Soundbar there is a chance the soundbar will be too long and it will be dangling off the edges of the stand.

You don’t want this as the Soundbar will not fit and could be unstable and fall off the stand, also it’s an eye sore and looks very ugly.

Also, you will be limited to smaller soundbars by this type of stand in the example.

Although this is not terrible as there are great small soundbars, which I will mention later in the article.

However, generally speaking, the longer the soundbar the better audio quality you will get, soundbar length matters.

Understanding Soundbars and TV Stands


Soundbar Basics

A soundbar is a type of speaker that is designed to enhance the audio experience of your TV.

It is a long and slender speaker that is placed below your TV.

Soundbars are a great way to improve the sound quality of your TV without having to deal with the hassle of a full surround sound system.

You can fully replace your mediocre TV speakers with a soundbar.

Soundbars come in different sizes and shapes, and they can be mounted on a wall or placed on a TV stand.

They are usually connected to your TV via an HDMI cable or an optical cable.

4K HDMI cables are the best for high-quality soundbars.

Some soundbars also come with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet.

TV Stand Fundamentals

A TV stand is a piece of furniture that is designed to hold your TV and other audio-visual equipment.

TV stands come in different sizes and shapes, and they can be made from a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, or glass.

  • When choosing a TV stand, it is important to consider the size of your TV and the amount of space you have in your room.
  • You should also consider the weight of your TV and make sure that the stand you choose can support it.
  • If you are planning to use a soundbar with your TV, you should also consider the placement of the soundbar.

Some TV stands may not provide enough clearance for a soundbar positioned under the screen.

In this case, you may need to place the soundbar on a separate shelf or mount it on the wall.

Best Soundbars to Put on a TV Stand

If you’re looking for a soundbar to put on your TV stand, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You’ll want to find a soundbar that fits nicely on your stand, provides good sound quality, and is easy to set up.

Here are some of the smaller soundbars that will fit nicely on a TV stand:

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VIZIO V-Series All-in-One 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar

VIZIO V-Series All-in-One 2.1 Home Theater Sound Bar

  • Minimal Modern Design A clean, angular, low-profile silhouette seamlessly blends into any environment.
  • VIZIO TV Stand Integration In addition to sliding neatly under TVs, V-Series sound bars ingeniously attach to select VIZIO TV stands in both tabletop and wall-mount installations.
  • 2.1-Channel Sound Experience a powerful room-filling, true stereo experience ideal for movies, music, and gaming.
  • Full-Range Speakers 2 full-range speakers in the sound bar provide coherent sound and brilliant clarity.
  • VIZIO Built-In Dual 3'' Subwoofers Enjoy shockingly deep bass down to 60Hz in an all-in-one design
  • Included components: Soundbar
  • Speaker type: Soundbar
  • Connectivity technology: Bluetooth
My Pick
Sonos Beam Gen 2 - Black - Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

Sonos Beam Gen 2 - Black - Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

  • Enjoy vibrant bass, crystal clear dialogue, and a panoramic soundstage.
  • Experience a 3D surround sound effect with Dolby Atmos.
  • Stream music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks from all your favorite services when the TV is off.
  • Control with the Sonos app, your TV remote, Apple AirPlay 2, and your voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Breeze through setup with only two cables, step-by-step guidance from the Sonos app, and smart Trueplay tuning. Easily expand your Sonos system over time to enjoy true surround sound and multi-room listening. Everything connects over WiFi.
LG Eclair

LG Eclair

  • All-In-One Design - The Sound Bar SE6 delivers powerful sound without an external subwoofer giving you thunderous and rich bass with everything you watch and listen to. Utilize the most out of your space with a stylish and compact design that complements your interior.
  • Cinema Sound Solution (Dolby and DTS:X) - Add a new dimension of sound that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action with Dolby Atmos* and DTS:X** to bring realistic spatial sound to your room—It surrounds you on all sides letting feel the immersive sound with every scene.
  • Quad Passive Radiators - The LG sound bar delivers big and impressive bass with 4 passive radiators. Packed with power in a small design, the sound bar gives you a full range of sound, allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies and shows.
  • Smart Up-Mixer - Create a wider sound stage to fill your room for a richer immersion of surround sound. Leverage all speakers to convert 2-channel audio into a multi-channel experience.
  • WOW Orchestra - Create the perfect harmony using the audio from the LG TV and LG Sound Bar* to produce the ultimate listening experience. Feel every detail of sound. Use the LG TV and LG sound bar speakers at the same time* while using one remote to adjust the settings interchangeably.
  • WOW Interface - Now, convenience is in your hand. Control your sound bar and your LG TV with one remote. Adjust the volume and audio settings, check the connection status and even select a sound mode on the screen, all from the TV remote.
  • WOWCAST Ready (2022) - Experience the power of Dolby Atmos without any visible wires. A new installation experience that connects to any TV and sound bar wirelessly for a sleek look, without any lag or loss in sound quality.
  • VRR/ALLM - Sound that keeps up with an instantaneous response time, allowing you to enjoy a gaming experience that is smooth and lag-free with a passthrough refresh rate up to 120Hz.
  • Premium Fabric - It has a gorgeous surface and premium fabric that wraps around the sound bar. The two create style and detailed sound in your space.
  • Eco Friendly - Just another reason to love an LG sound bar. We are keeping our promise and committed to a better tomorrow so you can feel good every time you listen. The Sound Bar SE6 contains a minimum of 12% post-consumer recycled content as validated by UL.
Polk MAGNIFI-Mini-AX Soundbar

Polk MAGNIFI-Mini-AX Soundbar

  • POWERFUL SOUND: Upgrade your TV to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X and experience the cinematic thrills of powerful music and immersive sound enveloping you from every angle | COMPLETE WIRELESS HOME ENTERTAINMENT: Enjoy higher-quality music streaming from your phone, tablet, or computer over Wi-Fi with Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, and Spotify Connect
  • HEAR EVERY WORD CLEARLY: Polk’s patented VoiceAdjust speech-clarifying technology works synergistically with MagniFi’s integrated center-channel speaker to bring up the level of voices without affecting the rest of the soundtrack | INCLUDES A PLUG-AND-PLAY WIRELESS SUB: MagniFi’s powerful, next-gen, wireless down-firing subwoofer connects automatically and can be placed anywhere up to nine meters from the sound bar to deliver the deep, effortless bass that Polk is famous for
  • EASY SETUP AND UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Easy, one-cable set-up with any TV via HDMI eARC/ARC (HDMI cable included), optical, or AUX-in | EXPAND YOUR HOME THEATER SYSTEM: Upgrade your home theater with height speakers to unleash a fully immersive 3D audio experience, or engage all speakers to create a 3D audio sensation from legacy content even without height speakers
  • This Bundle Includes: Polk MAGNIFI-MINI-AX 3.1 MagniFI Mini AX Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (2022) | 2 Year Extended Epic Protect Coverage in Addition to the Included Full Manufacturer Coverage. Intended for Residential Use Only
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  1. Polk MagniFi Mini – This compact soundbar is perfect for smaller TV stands. Despite its small size, it still delivers a powerful and clear sound with Dolby Atmos technology. It also comes with a wireless subwoofer for added bass. Polk is a well-respected soundbar brand.
  2. LG Eclair – The LG Eclair is another small soundbar that’s perfect for TV stands. It has a sleek and modern design, and it provides clear and balanced sound. It also has built-in Bluetooth, so you can easily stream music from your phone or tablet. LG in general makes good-quality soundbars.
  3. Sonos Beam – The Sonos Beam is a bit larger than the other soundbars on this list, but it still fits nicely on most TV stands. It delivers excellent sound quality. I own one and am very happy with it.
  4. Vizio V Series 5.1 – If you’re looking for a soundbar that provides surround sound on a budget, the Vizio V Series 5.1 is a great option. It comes with a wireless subwoofer and two rear speakers, so you can enjoy immersive sound. It’s also very affordable compared to other surround sound systems. Vizio soundbars are high quality and cheap.

Overall, these soundbars are great options if you’re looking to put a soundbar on your TV stand.

They provide great sound quality, are easy to set up, and fit nicely on most stands.

Placement and Positioning for Optimal Sound

When it comes to placing your soundbar on a TV stand, there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the best audio experience possible.

In this section, we will discuss the ideal positioning and acoustic considerations for placing a soundbar on a TV stand.

Ideal Positioning

The ideal positioning for a soundbar on a TV stand is to place it directly below the TV, with the soundbar’s speakers at ear level in a sitting position.

This placement ensures that the soundbar is aligned with your ears, which helps to produce a more immersive sound experience.

It also ensures that the soundbar is not too high or low, which can affect the sound quality.

If you have a larger TV, you may need to consider a wider soundbar or placing the soundbar on a separate shelf to achieve the ideal positioning.

It’s important to ensure that the soundbar is not too far away from the TV, as this can affect the synchronization between the audio and video.

You also want to make sure you are sitting at an optimal distance from the soundbar.

Acoustic Considerations

Acoustics play a crucial role in the sound quality of your soundbar.

When placing your soundbar on a TV stand, it’s important to consider the reflective surfaces in the room.

Hard surfaces such as walls, floors, and ceilings can cause sound to bounce around the room, which can affect the clarity of the audio.

In my experience, smaller rooms are better for soundbars, as they can struggle to fill up a large room.

For example, a soundbar can struggle to fill a room with high ceilings.

To minimize the impact of reflective surfaces, make sure your soundbar’s drivers are not being blocked by any furniture or objects.

This is especially important when it comes to the front drivers.

Also if you are getting a Dolby Atmos soundbar make sure the upward-firing drivers are not being blocked.

Design and Aesthetics

When it comes to the design and aesthetics of your soundbar and TV stand, there are a few things to consider.

You want to make sure that your soundbar and TV stand are not only functional but also visually appealing and fit well together in your space.

Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Aesthetic Integration

One of the most important things to consider when placing a soundbar on a TV stand is how well it integrates with the overall aesthetic of your room.

You want to make sure that the soundbar doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb or clash with the rest of your decor.

To achieve a cohesive look, consider choosing a soundbar that matches the color and style of your TV stand.

Furniture Compatibility

Another consideration when placing a soundbar on a TV stand is furniture compatibility.

You want to make sure that your soundbar doesn’t block any important elements of your TV stand or other furniture in the room.

Before purchasing a soundbar, measure your TV stand to ensure that the soundbar will fit comfortably on top without overhanging the edges.

Additionally, consider the height of your TV stand and the soundbar to ensure that the soundbar doesn’t block the bottom of your TV screen or other important elements of your TV stand.

Overall, with careful consideration of the design and aesthetics of your soundbar and TV stand, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing setup in your living space.

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