Why are there no 32-inch 4K TVs?

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4K TVs have become the standard television format in the past decade.

If you go to any store where they sell TVs they are likely to show you their latest and greatest.

They will show you the newest technology that comes with 4k TV’s such as Dolby Vision and HDR 10 Plus and other new perks.

However, you may notice that usually, the smallest 4k TV is 43 inches in most cases, why is that?

Why are there no 32-inch 4k TVs you may ask?

Well, the reason there are no 32-inch 4K TVs is that manufacturers realized the added benefits of 4k could not be seen on a screen that small.

To see the difference in resolution from 2k to 4k on a 32-inch you need to sit 2-3 feet from the TV, which is not practical.

It is better to get at least a 43-inch TV if you want to buy a 4k TV.


In this blog post, I will further explain why 32-inch 4K TVs have stopped being produced by TV manufacturers as well as the reasons why in more detail.

I will discuss what the minimum size of a 4k TV should be as well as the optimal viewing distance for the viewer to experience the 4k format.

Does a 32-inch 4K TV still exist?

There are basically no 4k TV’s under 43 inches today.

The viewing distance makes it so that 4k is obsolete and makes no difference, you would have to sit 2 feet from the screen to notice the distance in resolution from 1080p to 4k on a 32 inch screen.

It just makes no sense to buy a 4k tv if it’s 32 inches, there is no point at all.

Also, most people do not want a TV that small anymore, the standards have changed.

32-inch 4k displays are mainly sold as monitors for gaming today.

Most people that want a TV that small want it to be put in a kitchen when they are cooking dinner or some other place that doesn’t take up much room.

They could care less if it’s 4k.

The average consumer wants a 48 inch-55-inch TV for their bedroom and an even larger TV for their living room.

What is the smallest 4K TV you can buy?


The smallest recommended TV would probably be a 43-inch 4k tv.

These types of TV’s are still made in a decent quantity and typically come with a standard HDR rating.

If you are not familiar with HDR it provides a wider color gamut and increased color contrast.

It allows filmmakers to use a wider selection of colors to display for their movies, You can even buy the state-of-the-art QLED technology with a 43-inch TV.

QLEDS are great as they don’t degrade over time. This is in direct contrast to OLED as their panels tend to experience burn-in after a while.

Samsung and TCL make high-quality QLEDs, the QN90C in particular is an exceptional TV for a rather affordable price.

Best 43 Inch 4K TV
SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class Neo QLED 4K QN90C Series
  • See every detail on the screen thanks to Samsung’s ultra-precise Quantum Mini LEDs for sensational color and contrast.  
  • See sensational contrast, stellar brightness, and vivid color with Neo Quantum HDR.
  • Get a consistent and detailed 4K picture at any angle, in any light with anti-glare technology.  
  • Hear the spinning whirr of helicopter blades with Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound
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What size TV is 4K noticeable?


50-55 inch 4K TV’s are the most common and you will definitely see a difference between a 1080p TV and a 4K one at that size, however, increased resolution is still not very noticeable at the average viewing distance.

However, no matter where the viewer sits they will be able to enjoy HDR.

If you plan on sitting at an average of 9 feet from the TV then a 65-inch or above is recommended. You can even go with a 75-inch TV if you want.

I have a 55-inch OLED and sit about 7 feet from the TV and the difference is quite noticeable between a 4K TV and a 1080p.

I have a Sony A80J (paid link), which is part of the expensive Sony Bravia xr series.

I should mention though that resolution isn’t so much of the focus for 4K TVs so don’t worry too much about it. You are paying for 4k for the HDR.

At what distance is 4k noticeable?

You have to sit very close to the TV screen if you want to see any difference at all between 1080p and 4k.

For example, it is recommended you sit 4 feet from the TV if you have a 55-inch 4k TV.

The average viewing distance for most people is 9 feet so this is a huge burden and is probably not even worth doing.

Again, the best perk of 4k is HDR which can be enjoyed at any distance so don’t stress about missing the added resolution.

I’d recommend trying to sit 7 feet away from the screen for a 55-inch tv as I feel that is somewhat reasonable but don’t stress About it.

All of this seems pretty trivial and unnerving, I wrote a separate article discussing if 4k tv is a scam, you can check that out if you are interested.



At the end of the day buying a 32-inch 4k Tv is not worth it, if you are on a budget or just want a smaller TV go with a 43-inch 4K display.

At this size, you can still enjoy movies or television shows, anything really much more than a 1080p display. 43-inch 4K TVs are very affordable, you can get a QLED for about 400-900 dollars.

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