What is the Disadvantage of a 65 inch TV?

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When considering a new television, screen size is a significant factor, and a 65-inch TV often stands out as a popular choice for a more immersive home entertainment experience.

However, with larger screens come particular considerations that might not be immediately apparent.

While a 65-inch TV can offer enhanced picture quality and a more cinema-like experience, especially with technologies such as OLED and QLED enhancing the visual output, it’s important to assess whether such a size is practical for your space and viewing habits.

One potential disadvantage of a 65-inch TV is the requirement for an appropriate viewing distance.

The larger the screen, the further away you need to sit to appreciate the full picture without having to move your head or eyes dramatically.

This isn’t just about comfort; it’s also about getting the most out of the TV’s resolution.

If your room isn’t large enough to provide the recommended viewing distance, you might not benefit from the full quality that your screen has to offer, and the immersive experience could become overwhelming instead.

This is a big reason why a lot of people opt to buy a 55-inch instead, especially if the TV is going in the bedroom.

Moreover, installing a TV of this size requires ample wall space or a sturdy stand, not to mention the right room configuration to ensure that the TV doesn’t dominate the space visually or physically.

The cost of a 65-inch TV, although decreasing over time, still represents a significant investment, especially if you’re opting for the latest technology such as QLED or high-quality OLED panels.

It’s essential to weigh these factors alongside the quality improvements to determine if a 65-inch TV aligns with your TV buying guide criteria and whether it will truly enhance your home entertainment system.

Disadvantages of 65-inch TVs


Room Size and Setup: Your room size is crucial when adding a 65-inch TV to your living space.

The viewing distance recommended for this size is between 8.1 and 13.5 feet. In smaller rooms, this distance may not be achievable, resulting in a less-than-ideal viewing experience. For example, having a 65-inch or even a 75-inch TV in a small bedroom is generally a bad idea.

Brightness and Contrast: Large screens like LEDs can sometimes struggle with maintaining uniform brightness and contrast across the entire display. You might notice variations in these areas, especially in darker scenes, which can distract from your viewing experience.

  • Viewing Distance Limitations
    • Recommended: 8.1 – 13.5 feet
    • Less space? Image distortion possible
  • Room Size Considerations
    • Smaller rooms may not suit such a large TV

Cost of Ownership: Not just the initial price, but the cost of any additional hardware needed to support a screen this size, such as reinforced mounts or a suitable entertainment center, can add up.

Wall Space: A 65-inch TV dominates wall space. If you enjoy minimalistic decor or have limited wall area, this size may overwhelm your room’s aesthetic.

Power Consumption and Heat: Larger screens consume more power, which can lead to increased electricity bills and more heat generation — something to consider if your space is smaller or not well-ventilated.

In short, while the allure of a large 65-inch TV is strong, the implications on your room size, viewing distance, and the potential for brightness and contrast inconsistencies, as well as the ongoing costs, demand careful consideration before you make a commitment.

Comparing 55-Inch and 65-Inch TVs


When choosing between a 55-inch TV and a 65-inch TV, your room size significantly impacts the suitability of the screen size.

A 65-inch screen, being both wider and taller, requires a larger space to accommodate it.

Conversely, a 55-inch screen is more efficient in smaller rooms, allowing for a comfortable viewing distance without overwhelming the space.

The viewing distance is crucial to your viewing experience.

For a 65-inch TV, the recommended viewing range is typically between 8 and 13.5 feet, while a 55-inch TV can be optimally viewed from 6 to 11 feet.

This means with a larger screen, you need to sit further back to enjoy the full display without having to move your eyes or head excessively.

Off-angle viewing is where larger TVs can have a disadvantage.

In a 65-inch model, if you’re seated too close or off to the side, the image might suffer from color shifts or reduced contrast.

A 65-inch TV could be less forgiving for viewers seated at a wide angle compared to a 55-inch TV.

Lastly, think about the impact on your room’s aesthetics.

A 65-inch TV often demands a substantial supporting furniture piece, which can dominate a smaller room.

However, if you have ample space, a 65-inch TV can serve as a central entertainment piece and offers a more immersive experience for movie nights and games.

In summary, understand your room’s dynamics and how they harmonize with your TV choice for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Considerations for Buying a 65-inch TV


When shopping for a 65-inch TV, you’re not just buying a piece of technology; you’re selecting an entertainment companion that should fit comfortably within your living space, align with your budget, satisfy your viewing preferences, and deliver a quality experience as reviewed by others.

Room Size and Viewing Distance

Your room size dictates the ideal viewing distance. For a 65-inch TV, the recommended distance is between 8 to 13.5 feet. If your space is smaller, it may lead to an overwhelming experience or visual discomfort.

Budget and Price

Prices vary widely among 65-inch TVs.

Starting from the more affordable options, you could look at models from well-known brands like Samsung and Sony.

If budget isn’t a restriction, you could consider high-end OLED or QLED TVs, which come with a premium price tag.

Keep in mind that apart from the purchase price, potential service and setup costs could affect your budget.

Content Being Watched

The content you plan to watch should guide your purchase.

If you’re a cinephile focused on cinematic visuals, an OLED TV from LG might suit your needs with its deep blacks and rich colors.

Alternatively, for daytime viewing or gaming, a Samsung QLED TV could offer better brightness levels.

Brand and Model Reviews

Reading reviews is critical to understanding the pros and cons of different 65-inch TVs.

Look for consistent feedback across best TVs lists and check for customer service experiences with brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG to evaluate their options and reliability post-purchase.

Remember that a 65-inch TV is a significant investment and matching it to your specific needs is crucial for an optimal viewing experience.

Why 65-inch TVs Are More Immersive for Movies


When you’re seeking an engrossing cinematic experience in your home theater, a 65-inch TV stands out as a strong choice.

The size alone of a 65-inch screen fills your field of view, making it easier for you to become absorbed in the storyline and visuals.

  • 4K and 8K Resolution: With the advent of 4K resolution, and even 8K in some models, the detail and clarity you experience are unparalleled. Minute elements in the background come to life with a bigger screen size, adding depth to every scene.
  • OLED Technology: If your 65-inch TV is equipped with OLED technology, you’ll notice that the contrast levels are exceptionally high. This means blacks are deeper and colors pop, creating a sense of depth that draws you into the movie.
  • HDR and Dolby Vision: High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dolby Vision enhance the movie’s visual quality by delivering brighter highlights and a wider color spectrum, ensuring that each scene is as vibrant and lifelike as the director intended.

The immersive experience is further enhanced with the incorporation of technologies like Dolby Atmos, which delivers rich, captivating audio that moves around you in three-dimensional space.

When you stream movies on platforms like Netflix, a 65-inch TV ensures that you don’t miss out on any of the picture quality afforded by these streaming services.

Your enjoyment of cinematic masterpieces at home is amplified when visual features are paired with the convenience and variety offered by streaming services.

Best 65-inch TVs

These TVs have been selected for their standout features, such as OLED technology, picture quality, and overall performance, making them some of the best options available on the market.

Most Popular
SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S90C

SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S90C

  • PANTONE VALIDATED: Enjoy color validated by industry leading experts at Pantone, so that images on the screen look as incredible as they do in real life
  • DOLBY ATMOS & OBJECT TRACKING SOUND LITE: Keep your ears on the action with Dolby Atmos and virtual top speakers that follow the story; When a dragon swoops across the screen, 3D sound moves along with it thanks to Object Tracking Sound Lite
  • LASERSLIM DESIGN: On or off, this sleek TV looks beautiful anywhere—with a depth of only 4mm, its virtually bezel-free and with your choice of a near flush-fit wall mount solution or a streamlined Simple Plus Metal stand
Best Budget Pick
TCL 65-Inch QM8 QLED 4K TV

TCL 65-Inch QM8 QLED 4K TV

  • QLED – Quantum Dot Technology with UltraWide Color Gamut: Enjoy over a billion colors for richer and more lifelike images.
  • MINI LED ULTRA: With up to 2,300 local dimming zones, and precise zone control utilizing the powerful TCL AIPQ Engine, QM8 is the ultimate 4K Mini LED TV. MINI LED ULTRA delivers stunning picture quality with simultaneous ultra deep blacks and ultra bright whites, and higher color volume, for premium picture quality in any room environment.
  • HighBright ULTRA LED Backlight: With up to 2,000 Nits peak brightness, QM8 models create ultra bright images with dazzling specular highlights, for a truly immersive and realistic cinematic experience.
  • Full Array ULTRA Local Dimming: Enjoy ultra contrast with up to 2,300 local dimming zones that dynamically adapt to on-screen content, for deep blacks without image blooming
Best Value
LG C3 Series 65-Inch Class OLED

LG C3 Series 65-Inch Class OLED

  • DOLBY VISION + HOME THEATER: Every LG OLED comes loaded with Dolby Vision for extraordinary color, contrast and brightness, plus Dolby Atmos* for wrap-around sound. Land in the center of the action with LG's FILMMAKER MODE, allowing you to see films just as the director intended.
  • ULTIMATE GAMING: Packed with gaming features, the LG OLED evo C-Series comes with everything you need to win. Experience crisp, smooth imagery from a 0.1ms response time and native 120Hz refresh rate.
Best Overall
LG G3 Series 65-Inch Class OLED evo 4K TV

LG G3 Series 65-Inch Class OLED evo 4K TV

  • LG OLED EVO: The LG OLED evo G-Series comes loaded with the a9 AI Processor Gen6—made exclusively for LG OLED—for even better picture and performance. Brightness Booster Max adjusts the picture for up to 70% brighter images* so you can see rich, vibrant colors and incredible contrast, even in well-lit rooms. AI tech and deep learning sense what you're watching and select the best picture and sound settings for an immersive viewing experience..Speaker system : 4.2 change
  • l5-YEAR PANEL WARRANTY: With a 5-year panel warranty*—and industry-leading tech perfected over a decade—you can watch on and on with confidence and peace of mind that we stand behind our premium LG OLED evo TVs.
Best Brightness OLED
SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95C

SAMSUNG 65-Inch Class OLED 4K S95C

  • SAMSUNG OLED TECHNOLOGY: More than a billion shades of color powered by QD technology, combined with 8.3 million self-illuminating pixels
  • QUANTUM HDR OLED+: Enjoy rich contrast enabled by the powerful processor that dynamically tone maps every scene
  • NEURAL QUANTUM PROCESSOR w/ 4K UPSCALING: Whether streaming an HD movie, watching live sports or home videos, experience it transformed into 4K resolution with our high-performance, AI-powered processor that upgrades content scene by scene
  • MOTION XCELERATOR TURBO PRO: Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro creates consistently crisp 4K visuals at blazing-fast speeds up to 120hz and Game Motion Plus goes up to 144hz with compatible PC-connected content
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