Why are Insignia TVs so cheap? Unpacked In Detail

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When you’re in the market for a new TV, the price tag can be a major deciding factor.

Insignia TVs stand out in this respect, offering budget-friendly prices that often spark curiosity about how they manage to keep costs so low.

Sold primarily through Best Buy, Insignia is a store brand that balances affordability with functionality.

Understanding why Insignia TVs are so accessible to a wide range of consumers goes beyond just the price point.

The strategy behind the pricing involves using surplus parts from other well-known television brands and outsourcing production, which substantially lowers manufacturing costs.

This approach allows you to enjoy the benefits of a new television without significantly impacting your wallet.

Why are Insignia TVs So Cheap?


Insignia TVs offer affordability to consumers, and several factors contribute to their lower price point:

  • Manufacturing Costs: Your Insignia TV is more budget-friendly because it’s typically manufactured in countries where labor costs are significantly lower, making the overall production cost cheaper.
  • Component Sourcing: These TVs often utilize surplus parts from various manufacturers, which can reduce the cost of materials. Instead of producing new parts, using existing components from other brands keeps prices down.
  • Outsourced Production: Insignia doesn’t manufacture its TVs directly; production is outsourced to different factories, which can decrease operational costs.
  • Retail Strategy: Being Best Buy’s in-house brand means there’s a streamlined supply chain with fewer middlemen or additional marketing costs, contributing to lower consumer prices.
  • Features and Specs: Insignia TVs prioritize core functionalities over cutting-edge technology, thus they will not have the latest features found in higher-end models. This focus on essential features rather than the latest innovations simplifies the technology and reduces costs.
  • Economies of Scale: The brand benefits from bulk production, which lowers the unit cost of each TV, a saving that’s typically passed on to you.

However, a big reason Insignia TVs are so cheap is that they do not have the most up to date and trending display features, they are not up to par with other brands

I would not recommend an Insignia TV to anyone if I am being honest.

Personally, I recommend going with TCL as a budget TV option, Hi sense is another good brand as well. Both of them offer most of the latest features at incredible value.

I opt for brands like LG, Samsung or Sony but if I were recommending a TV to any of my family members who primarily watch the news, sports, and occasionally stream shows/movies I would tell them to get the TCL Q6 (affiliate link).


It’s a TV with good peak brightness and advanced features like Dolby Vision HDR and QLED technology, it is also insanely cheap.

You will not get a better TV for the value you are paying.

The brightness level of your TV is so important, many times people watch shows or movies on incredibly dim displays and you can see excessive glare on the screen coming from external light sources in your house.

With a QLED TV, you don’t have to worry about this nearly as much.

Yes, you can buy a TV from cheap brands like Insignia, Fire TV, Roku/Westinghouse but you are getting what you pay for and I’m willing to bet you will be happier with the brightness level and anti-glare technology coming from a QLED-like the TCL Q6. It’s the most high-quality budget tv in the entire market.

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Cost-Effective Production


When you’re considering the affordability of Insignia TVs, it’s important to understand that cost-effective production practices play a significant role.

From where they manufacture their products to the materials used, these elements have a profound impact on the final price.

Labor Costs and Manufacturing Locations

Insignia TVs benefit from strategic manufacturing locations where labor costs are significantly lower than in the United States.

Countries like China and Vietnam are often chosen by Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to take advantage of economical labor and production facilities.

This enables them to have lower operational costs, contributing to the overall affordability of their TVs.

  • China: Known for its efficient infrastructure and skilled workforce, resulting in lower production costs without compromising quality.
  • Vietnam: Increasingly popular among tech manufacturers for its competitive labor costs and trade agreements.

Materials and Components

The use of affordable materials and components is another tactic employed by Insignia to cut costs:

  • Materials Used: Insignia often uses affordable materials without sacrificing too much on quality, striking a balance that keeps costs down.
  • Components Involved:
    • LED Panel: The most prominent part of the TV, sourced from suppliers that offer competitive pricing.
    • Control Board & Power Board: Essential parts that determine the functionality, sourced from cost-effective suppliers typically based in third-world countries.

Insignia is known to integrate manufacturing process improvements that enhance production efficiency.

Streamlined processes and automation allow Insignia to assemble TVs with fewer costs associated with labor and error mitigation.

These savings are then passed on to you, making Insignia TVs a budget-friendly option.

Market Positioning and Brand Strategy


Insignia TVs appeal to your sense of value, offering competitive prices that contrast sharply with those of premium brands.

By orienting itself as a cost-effective choice, Insignia taps into the market segment of budget-conscious consumers looking for functionality without a hefty price tag.

Comparison with Other Brands


Insignia TVs stand out due to their pricing strategy, which positions them as a budget-friendly alternative to higher-end brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony.

While these premium brands focus on advanced technology and higher screen resolutions, Insignia TVs attract you with affordable options that still offer a variety of screen sizes and smart features.

Advertising and Partnerships

Advertising plays a crucial role in Insignia’s brand strategy.

Instead of investing heavily in traditional ad campaigns, Insignia benefits from its association with Best Buy, a major retailer that promotes the brand through its extensive network.

Strategic partnerships, such as the one with Amazon to include the Fire TV smart platform, enhance the value proposition of Insignia TVs.

This collaboration allows you to access a broad range of apps and services, making the televisions more appealing.

Moreover, the presence of ads on the interface serves as an additional revenue stream, keeping the consumer cost low.

Features and Specifications

When considering a new Insignia TV, you’ll encounter a range of features that bring entertainment to your living room at an affordable price point.

These TVs offer you a blend of basic functionalities, smart capabilities, and satisfactory specifications that fit a budget-conscious preference.

Display and Performance

Your Insignia TV’s display is likely to be at least HD (720p) in quality, with many models offering Full HD (1080p) or even 4K resolution for crisper and more detailed images.

A standard 55-inch screen is a common offering, providing a balance between size and cost.

In terms of performance, you will find a basic but adequate refresh rate that handles most content well.

However, some models may lack the advanced features such as local dimming which affects the uniformity of screen brightness but they still stand out in their price range.

Smart Capabilities and Connectivity

Modern Insignia TVs are built as Smart TVs, often with integrated Fire TV or Roku TV platforms.

This gives you the convenience of accessing a wide array of streaming services like Netflix directly from your TV without needing additional devices.

Connectivity is also a strong suit, with multiple HDMI 2.1 ports that allow you to connect the latest gaming consoles and other devices.

The included remote controls are intuitively designed, often with voice control, simplifying your interaction with the TV and enhancing your user experience.

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